Wire Bulk Crates

Steel Mesh Storage & Shipping Containers

Straight Wall Bulk Bins

Our Wire Mesh Bulk Crates are extremely durable and cost-effective for transportation and storage uses. These are the strongest, toughest wire mesh containers around. The base is constructed of heavy duty angle & tubular steel. They are easy to clean with just a hose or steam and are virtually maintenance free.

We offer collapsible and rigid models. Collapsible crates can be folded flat when not in use to maximize shipping and storage space. We also offer regular and heavy-duty models and all unit can be stacked up to four high.

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Wire Bulk Crates

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Wire Bulk Crates

Wire Bulk Crates
Corrugated Plastic Bins, totes, Handheld Containers

Cost-per-trip studies show that consumers can save up to 70% when switching from expendable cardboard packaging to reusable plastic packaging and transportation products.

Our Plastic Bulk Containers can be customized to match your requirements, give us a call and a customer service representative will help meet your needs.

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